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Nicole Green
                                    - Graffiti Creator - Graffiti Creator

A.K.A- Shawty

I was born on August 29, 1995. I was born in Portchester, NY. I had alot of cool friends on my block. They were very nice to me and my brothers Paulie and Chris. When ever they went somewhere big they would always bring us. And when ever we went somewhere we would bring them. I also made alot of friends in camp. One of my camp advisors was really fat and funny. One time he pushed a kid with his stomach, and the kid went flying.

After all that fun in Portchester we moved to a city called Yonkers. I was about 7 when we moved. The first person I met was a kid named Carlond, and he introduced me to the rest of the kids on the block. And when I was about 8 or 9.  Then I met a kid named Louis who at the time was starting up a skate team called Antpharm Skateboards. He tought me how to skate and now I think I am pretty good. So finally when I he thought I had made a huge improvement he had introduced me to the rest of the Antpharm Team, and I was able to skate with them on a regular basis. And now I am working on my part for the Antpharm Video. If you want to here more sign up for the Team Bio Edition of the Antpharm Newsletter.

Name: Nicole Antonia Green
Hometown: Portchester, NY
"We keepin it real in Portchester"
Birthday: August 29, 1995
Favorite Type of Music: Rap & Hip Hop
Favorite Artist: Kanye West
Favorite Song: Jesus Walks
Favorite Food: KFC
Favorite Clothing Line: Ecko
Favorite TV show: Suite life of Zack and Cody
Favorite Radio Station: Z 100
Favorite Sneaker: Air Force 1
Favorite Team: Yankees (MLB), Giants (NFL), Rangers (NHL), Knicks (NBA)
Favorite Skate Team: Shortys
Favorite Skater: Ryan Sheckler
Favorite Beverage: Black Cherry Coke
X Box or PS2: X Box
Favorite Quote: "Shawty in House"

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