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Louis Escobar
                                    - Graffiti Creator - Graffiti Creator

A.K.A.- Freddy Price

I was born on June 30, 1991. I was born in a neighborhood called Oliver, one of the craziest hoods in Yonkers. I didn't live there that long. As a matter of fact I didn't live anywhere that long. I moved alot, I actually think I have lived in every bad area in Yonkers. So finally when I was about 6 I moved to a block called Chester Place. This block was my favorite block because it was good and had alot of cool people. I met alot of people in this street, I met the twins that got me into baseball, and helped me make the allstar game 5 of the 6 years I played. After I met the twins I met a kid named Chris Lee (Cristal) who would later go on to being the CEO of Antpharm Skateboards.
A few years after I met Chris I met another kid named Chris Ceriello who would also later become my skateboarding mentor and team rider. So thats just a small piece of my life, if you would like to here more wait for the Team Bio Edition of the Antpharm Newsletter.

Name: Louis Frederick Escobar
Hometown: Yonkers, NY
"Cause all the hard niggaz we come from Yonkers"
Birthday: June 30, 1991
Favorite Type of Music: Rap & Hip Hop
Favorite Artist: Kanye West
Favorite Song: If It's Beef- The LOX
Favorite Food: KFC
Favorite Clothing Line: G-Unit & Rocawear
Favorite TV Show: Direct Effect (MTV)
Favorite Radio Station: Hot 97
Favorite Sneaker: Air Force 1
Favorite Teams: Yankees (MLB), Giants (NFL), Rangers (NHL), and Nets (NBA)
Favorite Skate Team: Flip
Favorite Skater: Stevie Williams
Favorite Beverage: Sobe Energy (Citrus)
X-Box or PS2: X-Box
Favorite Quote: "Money, Power, and Respect."

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