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Antpharm Skateboards
About Us
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About Us

All About Antpharm Skateboards.

What We're About

Antpharm Skateboards is about skating and having fun.  We're also going to film a video and go on tour within the next year. We don't pay or give free gear out if you make the team.  You need to earn your stripes.

Our History

We had a site before but unfortunately it just sucked.  So we made a new one. This is the new and improved Antpharm Skateboard website. This company is turning over a new leaf. We are all about going out and teaching people about the wonders of skating and what it could do for your life. We also want to educate the young people of skateboarding and teach them what it really means to be a skateboarder. We also teach young people to skate instead of doing drugs.  Because if we tell them to do drugs we will be in alot of trouble.

Come Get Yours

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